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NOVRITSCH – Hi-Capa – Thread Adapter

$ 27.500
14mm CCW Thread adapter. With the typical threading, you can mount all kinds of tracer units and suppressors to your

NOVRITSCH – Hi-Capa Extended Gas Magazine

$ 102.300
An extended gas magazine for your pistol that can contain up to 50 bbs. More capacity means less time reloading, avoiding becoming vulnerable to an enemy push. This is a must-have if you are using your pistol as a primary!

This product comes with a 1-stage valve. If you’re not sure what this means, please watch this video.

Please find spare parts for this product under essentials.

NOVRITSCH – SSE18 Full Auto Pistola Electrica (Color:Negro/FDE/OD/Gris)

$ 291.210


  • Full Auto/Semi
  • Quiet with the suppressor attached
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • High rate of fire thanks to the powerful 500mAh LiPo battery, MOSFET & Ball Bearings
  • Rapid trigger response thanks to the improved MOSFET
  • Improved BB retention with upgraded extended magazines
  • Metal Slide for more realism and durability
  • Ready to go: Battery, Charger, Magazine, Speedloader included
  • Threaded Barrel for suppressors / tracer units
  • Fibre optic sight, Flat trigger, Picatinny/NATO Rail
  • Optional RMR Mount
  • Beaver tail, stippling, and trigger undercuts for superior grip
  • Fits in most Glock holsters
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria
  • Vienna-based Tech support team

NOVRITSCH – SSE18 LiPo Battery

$ 25.575
Spare LiPo Battery for the SSE18. Capacity: 550mAh, Voltage: 7.4V Please carefully read through and always follow safety rules that apply to all LiPo batteries in general. You can find the safety rules HERE.


$ 434.000
HACE EL TRABAJO. Necesitas una herramienta que trabaje contigo, no contra ti. Una herramienta que nunca falle, sean cuales sean

NOVRITSCH – SSP1/SSP5 – Leaf Spring

$ 16.988
A spare leaf spring for your SSP1 & SSP5. The Leaf Spring applies consistent pressure on the hammer. The middle

NOVRITSCH – SSP1/SSP5 – Loading nozzle

$ 33.977
A spare loading nozzle for the SSP1 & SSP5. A robust loading nozzle made out of high-quality plastic, that will ensure that you can rely on your gun when it is most needed!

NOVRITSCH – SSP1/SSP5 – Magazine Green Gas

$ 85.250
Spare magazine for the SSP1 & SSP5. The CO2 pistol will work with Gas Magazines and vice versa. Magazine capacity: