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(PRE ORDEN 03/06) NOVRITSCH – 1-4x Variable Scope (LPVO)

$ 317.550
A variable scope that gives you the best of both worlds. At 1x magnification, it can be used almost like

(PRE ORDEN 03/06) NOVRITSCH – SSG96 Mk2 – Airsoft Sniper Rifle ( Color: Verde)

$ 1.248.060
Durable with a full CNC receiver and Nylon reinforced stock. Reliable internals that can take the strongest springs – M220.

(PRE ORDEN 03/6 ) NOVRITSCH -Rifle Scope Set Mk2

$ 251.600
The new version of the Sniper Scope with a great price-performance ratio. It has all the features you would want

NOVRITSCH – Modular Mock Suppressor V1

$ 102.300
Modular mock suppressor for the SSX23 with a 16mm CW thread. The 14mm CCW Adapter is also included in the

NOVRITSCH – Rifle Mock Suppressor

$ 102.300
Fits any airsoft gun with a 14mm CCW (Counter ClockWise) thread. Thread: 14mm CCW Diameter: 40mm Length: 220mm Gun Compatibility

NOVRITSCH – SSG10 A2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Version: Largo

$ 1.144.055
Version: Cañon largo / 2.80Joules / 550FPS / Negro   The most competitive airsoft sniper rifle on the market.
  • Incredibly Durable. It can take an M220 spring (5 Joules).
  • Supreme Accuracy.
  • Maintains AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market.
  • Highly Customizable VSR-10 platform.
  • Quiet due to soft piston head.
  • Magazine pop-out spring.
  • 25 Years of free spare parts. (terms and conditions)
  • Extensive video library with courses and guides.
  • Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.
  • Vienna-based Tech support team.
Weight: 6.5lbs Length: 42in

NOVRITSCH – SSG10 Red Tip Thread Adapter

$ 42.625
This adapter for the SSG10 red tip allows you to use any muzzle device with 14mm CCW thread which is